Laura Hooper picked up her first calligraphy pen at the age of 12 and has been in love with the art of lettering ever since and ever since she?s been pushing theboundaries of what beautiful calligraphy can do! Known for her whimsical creativity, she creates wedding invitations, illustrated wedding maps,out-of-town guest tote bags and hand lettered place cards made out ofunusual materials, all with her signature calligraphic style.. No wonder her designs are second to none.
Laura Hooper specialises in beautiful calligraphy for the most discerning brides. Located in Los Angeles, they supply us with their beautiful samples of their work and these you can see in our studio. Laura Hooper is also a green invitation company. From hand addressing your wedding invitations and RSVP cards, to collaborating on an entire suite of custom letterpress wedding invitations and décor extras, Laura's designs can help bring your wedding style to life!
After you decide on your invitations, there is no better way to finish them than beautiful Laura Hooper style calligraphy on your envelopes and other bits of your choice.